Artemis Storytelling

Emily Hennessey

“Storyteller Emily Hennessey is an enthralling performer, infusing her tale with warmth and playfulness.” Exeunt Magazine


Emily Hennessey (previously Emily Parrish) is a performance storyteller.


Playful, imaginative and daring to take risks, Emily tells myths, legends, epics, folktales, fairytales and fables from around the world, from the Hindu epic, the Ramayana to African Anansi stories. With a Swedish background, Emily also loves to tell Scandinavian folktales and Norse mythology.


Emily’s work is often described as intelligently composed and beautifully performed, while her storytelling style is said to be warm, captivating, bold and witty, delighting audiences of all ages.


Recent performances include a tour of India with the British Council, the Royal Opera House, the Viking Ship Museum in Denmark, Soho Theatre, Richmix and Beyond the Border Storytelling Festival.