Artemis Storytelling

Inez Aponte

"Inez Aponte uses the ancient art of storytelling to transport her audiences to other places and times. With her lyrical voice and embodied performance style she evokes the weird and wonderful, moving with ease from the enchantment of fairies to the blood thirst of warriors."

Mia Verbeelen organiser Vertelfestival Utrecht


Inez Aponte is a warm and vibrant performer with a background in dance, visual art and theatre improvisation. A storyteller of Puerto Rican and Surinamese descent and raised in the USA and Holland, her performances reflect the richness of a life shaped at the meeting point of cultures. She has been performing solo and in collaboration with musicians and puppeteers in the UK and Europe since 1997. As well as performing Inez combines the skill of spinning a good yarn with a range of tools from other arts practices to offer engaging and thought-provoking training in organisations and education. She has recently started working with Integr8UK on their refugee coaching programme.