Artemis Storytelling

Martin Shaw

Dr Martin Shaw is regarded as one of the most outstanding new teachers of the mythic imagination. Visiting fellow at Schumacher college in the U.K., he has also devised and led the Oral Tradition course at Stanford university in the U.S.


Author of the award winning; “A Branch From The Lightning Tree”, and the upcoming “Snowy Tower: Parzival and the Wet, Black Branch of Language” he leads a bustling schedule of conferences, gatherings and wilderness retreats over several continents.  He came to storytelling while living for four years under canvas, exploring small pockets of English wilderness and for the last decade he has led a small hedge-school tucked into the south-easterly curve of Dartmoor national park.


His translations of Celtic folklore and poetry (with Tony Hoagland) are forthcoming in Poetry International, The Mississippi Review, Poetry Magazine, Orion, and the Kenyon Review.